Tandanya is proud to present the ˜Our Metro Mob’ exhibition for 2009 as part of the SALA Festival Program.

The ˜Our Metro Mob’ exhibition features Adelaide based Aboriginal emerging and established artists showcasing contemporary, vibrant, modern pieces from artists with backgrounds spanning from across Australia’s many diverse language groups.

This exhibition explores artists’ experiences and notions of Aboriginal culture, demonstrated through creative interpretations and visual representation by emerging and talented participants. The exhibition comprises of ten (10) local artists utilising mediums such as acrylics and ochre. It also includes jewellery made from materials such as bones, stones and quills. These works encapsulate identity, connectedness and provide meaning for the artists Aboriginality and give the viewer insight into story, concepts and celebration of Australian Indigenous culture and art.

The SALA Festival provides a platform for South Australian artists to take part in events all over SA. It provides the chance to exhibit art, whilst providing pathways through community involvement and collaboration.

In conjunction to Our Metro Mob, the Adelaide Festival Centre in the Artspace will be showcasing SA regional based Aboriginal artists in their Our Mob exhibition.