The Aboriginal Art Directory was established under the following practices:

  • All listings on the Aboriginal Art Directory are free
  • We support the Industry in promoting provenance and provide comprehensive, positive information about Aboriginal art centres and galleries that excel in promoting and selling legitimate and authentic artworks
  • We believe that transparency is the best online approach to demonstrating best and worst practice
  • We work with the industry, and welcome feedback and comments from any organisation or person
  • We aim to continuously improve the quality of our content and search capabilities to assist researchers and buyers to make informed decisions when purchasing Aboriginal art

We support Aboriginal art centres and galleries that adhere to an ethical code of practice and provenance. We strongly support Aboriginal art centre’s that are members of:


We acknowledge galleries that adhere to the NAVA Code of Conduct and are members of:

For buyers and sellers of Aboriginal Art we have a series of resources that provide excellent information on authenticity and ethics. We recommend all buyers view our resource on Aboriginal art authenticity and browse our Aboriginal Art Directory Resources for more information.

Further Information:
Information on this website is provided in good faith to try and help fellow Aboriginal art enthusiasts but may contain inaccuracies so please only use as a basic guide. Please contact any listed vendors directly to confirm that information is correct, up to date and always do your research before buying Aboriginal art. Please see our disclaimer for more information.