Tandanya is pleased to welcome back Mimi Arts and Crafts. Established in 1978 as an Aboriginal initiative, Mimi Arts and Crafts is a wholly Aboriginal owned and controlled cooperative. Representing the entire 380,000 kilometres of the Katherine region, Mimi proudly works closely with over 22 communities and outstations, and more that 200 artists in the region.

Mimi Arts and Crafts works at maintaining and strengthening Aboriginal Culture through cultural expression by exhibiting and marketing the art and craft of the whole region, enabling support for artists and artisans and training new artists “ traditional and contemporary and thereby supporting the economies of the Aboriginal communities and families throughout the region.

Mimi Arts diversity and richness of styles derives from the huge region that it covers. The Katherine region stretches from the Queensland border across to the WA border, up north into Arnhem Land and down south into the Tanami Desert.

This exhibition focuses on work from the Roper River region. The river is located at the southern base of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. Works from this area are characterized by bright and bold colours, figurative elements and dynamic compositions.