Darryl Pfitzner Milika has been practising his art in a variety of mediums for over 25 years: he has been the creator, the designer and principal artist or “special guest” contributing artist for 3 of Adelaide’s most outstanding public sculptural works.

His gallery practice comprises numerous exhibitions locally, nationally or overseas and his works are held in collections both public and private; being described variously as an “Indigenous agent provocateur” an “urban warrior” or “passionate purveyor of gourmet art¦..works which haunt the eye, the mind and the heart of the observer.”

Now, as a senior artist in his 60th year he has been honoured by Tandanya, the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute with a retrospective survey of his public and private practice; the first exhibition of this kind for Tandanya and perhaps a fitting association considering his long involvement therein, dating back to Tandanya’s opening exhibition 20 years ago.

Url: http://www.tandanya.com.au/ed42/art-heart-the-art-of-darryl-pfitzner-milika-a-retrospective-30-years-on/

Artist: Darryl Pfitzner Milika

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Gallery: Tandanya ““ National Aboriginal Cultural Institute ,