The ReDot Fine Art Gallery is proud to welcome back the natural ochre artworks of the famous Warmun Art Centre from East Kimberley, far Northeast of Western Australia. The show will focus on recent works by Lena Nyadbi and Patrick Mung Mung, two senior artists from the Warmun community, together with a few hand-picked works by other senior artists, who each depict their landscape of rugged terrain, extravagant in colour and forms.

Nyadbi and Mung Mung have recently been chosen to represent the best of Indigenous artists in the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s prestigious Indigenous Art Awards 2011. The rich colours of the dramatic landforms of their homelands are reflected literally in the works themselves. Warmun artists paint using earth coloured rocks and ochres, collected from their country by hand, crushed to powder at the Art Centre with mortar and pestle and bound with fixatives to give a richly textured finish that has to be seen to be truly appreciated.