In keeping with the strong maritime history of the city, contemporary art of the Pacific is an integral part of the municipal museums of Rochefort. This summer, l’Hôtel Hèbre de Saint-Clément showcases art from Torres Strait Islands in the exhibition ˜Between Sky, Land and Sea˜, featuring the works of renowned Australian Indigenous artist
Dennis Nona.
The public is invited to discover a set of sixty-four works by this outstanding contemporary artist. Dennis Nona skillfully combines contemporary and traditional concepts to form a unique and expressive style.
Dennis Nona’s work is a dynamic combination of printmaking (etchings and linocuts) and majestic sculpture. This exhibition features pieces of monumental size displaying exceptional technical prowess; a spectacular bronze crocodile measuring 4 metres, a 6 metre linocut of incredible detail and a striking 5 metre etching.