Creativity comes in a surprising range of shapes and sizes in Australia and is often the inspiration behind people becoming involved in their local community. This year, Sensis is celebrating the contribution creative Australians, such as Home Hill resident Aicey Zaro, have made to their communities through the arts by featuring them on the cover of the 2009/10 Yellow Pages® and White Pages® directories.

Aicey was thrilled to learn he would appear on the cover of the Townsville directory after being nominated by members of the local community to represent the entire region as the epitome of this year’s theme “ Creative Australians: Inspiring our Communities.

For many years, Aicey has been raising the profile of the arts in the Burdekin District, encouraging locals to participate in a number of community art projects and workshops. In all of his works, Aicey hopes to inspire an appreciation for the environment whilst drawing attention to the unique practices and culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Aicey operates the Zaro Cultural Gallery where he sells his works and offers community groups and schools the opportunity to learn about traditional Islander and Aboriginal art. He is also actively involved in National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week each year, where he visits schools to conduct art workshops and raise awareness about our indigenous heritage.

I have had an incredible opportunity to share the stories of our indigenous culture with people of all ages and backgrounds by using art as a common ground for communication. The public artworks I’ve had the privilege of creating have boosted the profile of the region and spread the message about our traditional heritage, said Aicey.

Group Manager, White Pages®, Jane Blackley, said the theme Creative Australians: Inspiring our Communities provided Sensis with a great opportunity to recognise Australians who are helping to build stronger community relationships through their advocacy of the arts.

Right across the country, there are people like Aicey are making amazing contributions to their communities through the arts so this year we thought we would put the spotlight on them by featuring them on the cover of the Yellow Pages® and White Pages® directories.

Whether it’s performing, teaching, hosting exhibitions, raising money or administering arts programs, this year’s cover subjects are all dedicated to establishing ways for local people to become involved in the arts and to share and develop their creativity.

Aicey is a fine example of a creative Australian who, through a love of the arts, is helping to inspire others and foster art and culture in the local community, Ms Blackley said.

Aicey replaces Michel Flores on the cover of the Townsville directory, who was featured last year as part of the Celebrating Australian Flavour theme.

With the 2009/10 Yellow Pages® and White Pages® directory commencing in late February, Ms Blackley encouraged residents and businesses to recycle their old directories.

In most areas, Yellow Pages® and White Pages® directories can be recycled as part of normal kerbside recycling services, but if people are unsure they can log onto to find out about recycling services available in their local area, she said.