Spring 2010 is upon us and we will begin on a journey to the heart of 6, Mandel.
This special journey will take us to the antipodes of Paris where we will discover three
Australian artists of international fame – Dennis Nona, Abie Loy Kemarre and GW Bot.
There will be an exhibition of thirty contemporary works, paintings and engravings,
especially chosen for this journey by the gallery owner, Stéphane Jacob.

Stéphane Jacob has been a specialist of Australian and Aboriginal Art for more than
fourteen years. The pieces chosen, are representative of today’s Australian art
where contemporary creations with their specific symbolism can seem to us still
obscure by their complexity, while the meaning and the aesthetics are universal. It is
in this symbolism, without doubt, that the strength of these artists lies: this capacity to
make us almost familiar with the stories and motives, so far away from our own
culture! It is about the marvellous in this approach to this art, blending distant
European origins and indigenous roots.

On each plastic and clean format, every artist has linked a ˜know-how’ of traditional
techniques, both in painting and engraving, that they have made their own. In this
way they are creating new techniques, working on original materials, or reinventing
a new iconography out of ancestral legends. Some key points are necessary to
approach and understand these works, but this step doesn’t hinder our pleasure in
any way to travel with the artists around these singular worlds. On the contrary, this
learning is part of the trip which can then begin!

Url: http://www.artsdaustralie.com/trilogie_australienne2.php3

Artist: Dennis Nona, Abie Loy Kemarre, GW Bot

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Gallery: Arts d'Australie - Stéphane Jacob ,