The ReDot gallery is proud to welcome the 1st international show for the exciting works of Martumili Artists.

˜Yankuni laju karnkani kujungka’ (We are traveling together by air) will showcase the very best from this relatively new, remote, art community.

Martumili represents artists from the communities of Jigalong, Parnngurr, Punmu, Kunawarritji (Canning Stock Route Well 33), Irrungadji (Nullagine) and Parnpajinya (Newman) in the Western Australia’s remote east Pilbara region.

Martumili translates to ‘all Martu together’ and the Martu people are the traditional custodians of a vast area of the Great Sandy, Little Sandy and Gibson Deserts. Their country stretches from the Percival Lakes in the north, to Lake Disappointment in the south, and runs east across the Canning Stock Route to the WA/NT border.

The strength of Martu artists’ commitment to artistic practice is visible not only in their artwork, but also in the markedly independent, rigorous and practical path Martu people followed in establishing Martumili Artists. Making artworks, and managing the ways those artworks are sold and exhibited are key ways in which Martu people are working to keep their culture strong.

Martumili Artists have rapidly established a reputation for very fine art that is rich in story and arresting for its innovation and freshness. Demand for their work is strong and there are waiting lists for some of their leading artists’ work.

Artists Nancy Taylor, Peter Rowlands (Yanjami) and Yikartu Bunba will be traveling from the Desert in the remote East Pilbara to Singapore to attend the exhibition opening on February 11th 2009.


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