ABC NEWS reports:
Alice Springs residents will be treated to their first ever group art show from the Watiyawanu Artists of Mount Liebig this weekend.

The artists, from an Aboriginal-owned art co-operative, 350 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs, have had their art shown all over the world but have never exhibited together in Alice Springs before.

The exhibition will be hung for a month and the gallery’s Nathan King says there is a huge variety of work already hanging up.

“Saturday is going to be a very, very proud night, not only for the artists themselves who are going to be here and dancing and be able to see their works up on the wall and show them off to the general public,” he said.

Mr King says it will be a proud moment for the artists when the exhibition opens on Saturday.

“Just incredibly avant garde and beautiful in a modern context, but incredibly based on its traditional roots,” he said.

“What separates the art from Mount Liebig from other areas is that young and old women and men all feel very comfortable painting together, which of course leads to that enormous variety.”

The Minister for Central Australia, Alison Anderson, will open the exhibition.