This remarkable all women exhibition features the distinctive work of award winning artist, Lily Kelly Napangardi as well as senior Ngangkari (law-woman), Colleen Whiskey Nampitjinpa. Other highly sought after artists exhibiting include Wentja 2 Napaltjarri, Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri (who will be making the long trip own for the official Exhibition opening), Lynette Corby Nungurrayi, Topsy Peterson Napangardi and a selection of other leading artists from the Community.

Watiyawanu Arts has been operating from Mt Liebig since 1990. It has been restricted in its capabilities by lack of outside funding. When artists began painting 15 years ago, they worked from home, with the support of community store manager Glenis Wilkins and Peter Malavesi. Early (now famous) artists included Billy Stockman, Long Tom Tjapanangka and Mitjili Napurrula. Not long after this, Lilly Kelly moved to Mt Liebig with her husband and family, and started painting her own canvases. Other women began to join the group, and it was the success in the late 1990’s of Lilly Kelly’s elegant and finely detailed Sandhills paintings that started to bring overdue recognition to Watiyawanu.