Warmun Art Centre, a member of Kimberley Aboriginal Artists, has been named Aboriginal Business of the Year at the East Kimberley Aboriginal Achievement Awards in Kununurra.

The award recognises emerging Aboriginal businesses or corporations that have demonstrated good management and strategies to provide better outcomes for Aboriginal people.

The art centre was acknowledged for being one of only three businesses that were selected to promote the Savannah Way between Cairns and Broome. It was also acknowledged for being a founding member of the Kimberley Aboriginal Artists collaboration which was launched in Darwin in August.

Other nominees in the award category included Waringarri Media Aboriginal Corporation, Morgan’s Charters and Wundargoodie Aboriginal Safaris.

Senior Warmun artist Patrick Mung Mung and Art Centre Co-Manager Jacqueline Coyle-Taylor accepted the award, a hand-painted ceramic plaque, on the art centre’s behalf.