Glennys Briggs is a Taungwurrung-Yorta Yorta woman from North Central Victoria, having lived in the shared country of The Dja Dja Wurrung and her mothers people, The Taungwurrung, just south of Bendigo. This country is situated in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range where bedrock breaks the surface.

Says Glennys:

Each person born of Aboriginal blood has a firm connection with the country of their blood line through the kinship system. We are the Caretaker/Custodians of that country and the onus is on each generation to develop ways to fulfill the responsibilities of that role.

Like in any society change is inevitable, Aboriginal society too has had to adapt. Our cultural practice has transmuted to the times, in order to maintain a tradition, a belief system and a spiritually that sustains and nourishes the land.

We the Caretaker/Custodians need to incorporate the Australian society at large into this equation and share our spirituality so that the country that we all live in can be kept safe for future generations. Stories,song,dance and art are all way in which Aboriginal people express their culture and I have chosen painting to do that. I hope that the work that I am presenting here goes some way towards achieving in everyone, a sense of the connection, of unconditional love of land and place. wherever they may be in this country.

Glennys Briggs has a BA in Contemporary Indigenous Art from Griffith University (Printmaking).

She was placed first in the 2014 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards for Print on Paper with her work called, Our Stories – a work which was subsequently acquired by Redlands Art Gallery in Queensland.

Her art has also been included in almost 90 exhibitions nationally and internationally, including Nice (France), Shandong University (China) and, with Dr Jennifer Senzaro (Master Printmaker), in Hawaii.

In 2016 her artworks will form part of a group exhibition at the State Library of Queensland.