Better World Arts is an innovative social enterprise working with Aboriginal artists primarily from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands in the remote desert of South Australia.

Our Cross Cultural Projects (initiated in 1996) intergrate traditional crafts from Kashmir, Peru and the Tibetan community in Nepal, applying Aboriginal designs to rugs, cushions, lacquer-ware boxes and jewellery.

These projects enable consistent, sustainable economic opportunities and cultural maintenance for these diverse communities, strengthening communities at a grass roots level.

Better World Arts is committed to promoting reconciliation as the responsibility of all Australians. Profits from Better World arts have recently been used to support and manage the establishment of Ngura Wiru Winkiku Indigenous Corporation, a cultural centre in Port Adelaide owned and run by Anangu now living in Adelaide. Health and education programs are in place and Anangu now have a social, environment and advocacy body.

Our fine art gallery and artists’ studio is situated in the heart of Port Adelaide, South Australia. We have beautiful, affordable contemporary Aboriginal artworks on display, and regular exhibitions by Aboriginal artists from across Australia. The staff and artists are always happy to talk to you about Anangu culture and the projects we are involved in. Better World Arts’ Cross Cultural Products can be found in galleries and cultural institutions throughout Australia and overseas.

Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand
2008 Finalist in the Telstra Business Awards for Social Responsibility and Micro Business sections.
2007 Shortlisted for a Ruby Award (SA) in the Leadership in Arts Enterprise category.
2005 B W Trading and Kaltjiti Arts won a Judges Encouragement Award (South Australian section) in the Prime Minister’s Excellence in Community and Business Partnerships.

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