Opening on Monday is underSTATEd, NSW Parliament’s biennial exhibition. And this year 44 works on paper are being shown – a collection which includes art by Badger Bates, Danny Eastwood, Roy Kennedy, Nami Maymuru, Joy Duncan and May Hinch.

The works are part of the Parliament’s broader collection of fine art, which features many works by Aboriginal artists collected over the history of the Parliament. As part of underSTATEd 2016, they will hang alongside artworks by other prominent artists including Brett Whiteley, Lloyd Rees, Martin Sharp, Carl Plate and Cressida Campbell, showcasing the significant contribution of Aboriginal artists to the artistic landscape in NSW.

“underSTATEd 2016 is an eclectic and fascinating insight into the development of Australian art and an insight also into the collection of the NSW Parliament,” said Don Harwin, President of the Legislative Council. With so many iconic artists and movements represented, “it really is a must see for all art lovers”.

“We are pleased to be able to share these important works with the community – many of them on public display for the first time,” said Shelley Hancock, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. underSTATEd 2016 is the third exhibition in the series which began in 2012 as an exhibition of Australian paintings and continued in 2014 with an exhibition of photographic works. “This latest in the series opens up a whole new aspect of the collection works on paper, and we hope visitors enjoy exploring this wonderful group of works”.

underSTATEd 2016 opens at the Parliament on Macquarie Street on 11 January and runs through to 26 February, 2016. Entry is free, with doors open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Visitors to Sydney on Australia Day will also be able to view the exhibition, with the Parliament opening from 10.00am to 4.00pm.