The impact of the Aboriginal art movement goes well beyond the works’ value as art. An important dimension of the movement is the education of this unique Indigenous way of life. These vibrant and contemporary visible representations of language and stories of Aboriginal culture have led to a paradigm shift in perception for non-Indigenous audiences and a greater appreciation of Aboriginal Australians.

The opening of this exhibition is part of AusFest 2007, an event hosted by the Australian Trade Commission offering guests an opportunity to spend an evening experiencing the best in Australian style and innovation. Friends and family are welcome but spaces are strictly limited so please note the number of guests in your party when you RSVP.

On November 3 there will be a special opportunity to meet with Australian Aboriginal artist John Patrick Kalantumama, and Tim Hill manager of Tiwi Design Art Centre located at Bathurst Island, approximately 100km north of Darwin, Australia. Tim and John will be at the gallery between 4-6pm on November 3 to talk about the making of Tiwi art and the significance of such art to the local Aboriginal community.