A service commerating the life of Daisy Munmurria Andrews (1935 – January 2015), much loved artist from the West Kimberley, will be held tomorrow at the Fitzroy Crossing Recreation Hall at 8.30am.

An early NATSIAA winner, Daisy Andrews’ art was propelled by the great beauty of her country (the Kimberley). She once said, “When I draw my pictures I am seeing that country in my head. Looking at those sandhills, flowers, everything was very good. When I am painting I tell my grandkids these stories. I tell them that next time they will come and visit this country. I like to take these paintings to the city. I want to tell my story for this country”.

If you would like to send a message of condolence to the family, please do so via Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency, manager(at)mangkaja(dot)com or to fax 08 9193 0041.

Her obituary, written by Karen Daymen and published in The Australian, can also be read here.