National Reconciliation Week falls between 27th May and 3rd June every year. These are two significant dates in Australia’s history and particularly in relation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. In celebration, East The Art of Reconciliation, where non-indigenous artists will be exhibiting their work alongside EGAAC’s Koori artists as a symbolic gesture of reconciliation between cultures through their art.

Reconciliation Week highlights the achievements and anniversary of two, now three contemporary Landmarks in Australia’s history:

The anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, Twenty five years later, June 3 1992 the High Court of Australia’ handed down its judgment in the Mabo case. The first National Sorry Day was held on 26th May 1998. Now in the 21st century, an official apology from our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was tabled as a motion in Parliament .

This is a positive time, a time to remember who we are as a nation, and as a people who believe in a fair go for all. Let’s go forward together and embrace Reconciliation at The Art of Reconciliation.

The exhibition will be opened by well known identity Marjorie Thorpe, past Council member for
the Council of Aboriginal Reconciliation, and present Secretary of Gunai Kurnai Land & Water.

Artists featured are both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.