An article by James Cockington in The Age previewing the upcoming Sotheby’s Aboriginal Art exhibition. The article follows the trend of dramatically increasing prices and the large proportion of international buyers.

From the article:

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For those who prefer a more authentic style, a work like The Stingray Hunters, circa 1960, is very desirable. Painted in earth pigments on bark, the artist is Nandabitta from Groote Eylandt.

Ronnie Tjampitjinpa’s 1993 painting, The Kadaitja Man (Law Enforcer), marks the bold new style much-loved by modern collectors. Some of his more recent works are valued at about $120,000.

A modern abstract by a recognised artist such as Makinti Napanangka is now worth big money. Her 2003 work Lupulnga was painted at the Papunya Tula arts centre, where she is based. This work depicts designs associated with a rockhole south of the Kintore community.


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