The Perth Sunday Times writes about ethical purchasing in the Aboriginal Art Industry:

It is estimated that 80 to 90 per cent of Australian indigenous art is sold overseas, but unethical trading threatens to undermine the industry’s reputation.

It was the subject of a Senate inquiry in 2007, which confirmed disreputable buyers were paying artists too little and selling fraudulent works.

Now a partnership between United Galleries and the David Wirrpanda Foundation is using Aboriginal art to teach clients how to buy it ethically.

The exhibition features the work of artists Dorothy Napangardi, Gloria Petyarre, Ningura Napurrula, Ngoia Pollar, Robert Murray and Nancy Petyarre. Each has created a piece to the theme of country that refers to the landscape of their homeland, their spirits, customs and the Dreaming.

Australian Rules footballer David Wirrpanda will be holding talks at the gallery to help educate buyers about ethical art practices.