More about the artist that painted under the name of Duk Duk that has Doongal gallery in hot water with the ACCC.

Quoted from the article:

Non-Indigenous Cairns artist Stephen McLean (Duk Duk) says his career is in tatters after the Australian consumer watchdog’s investigation into his dealer selling his work as “authentic Aboriginal art”.

As industry and dealers yesterday expressed their anger over claims made by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Mr McLean said he had never pretended to be indigenous, despite going by a tribal name.

Doongal Aboriginal Art and Artefacts, which has galleries in Cairns and Kuranda, is expected to face the ACCC in the Federal Court in Brisbane next month for allegedly selling bogus Aboriginal art made by three non-indigenous artists.

The local artists are Mr McLean, his brother Paul Whiteman “Kulangu Balanda” and Diane Sharp.