An article about Rebecca Hossack’s journey to the United Kingdom and her importance to the Aboriginal Art industry in Europe.

Quoted from the artcile:

Seven years after she arrived, Hossack opened an art gallery, which became the first to seriously show Australian Aboriginal art in Europe. She now runs several galleries, which continue to show contemporary non-western and western art. Her early experience of London may sound Dickensian, but it was October 1981 when Hossack dutifully pitched up, aged 24, on the instructions of her parents, who wanted her to complete her legal education by going to the bar. “My heart felt sick because the one thing I loved in the world was Australia. It was my passion. Australian literature, Australian pottery, I am in love with it still,” she says. Her dad “believed in the old country. He was still of that generation when England was really, ‘Wow!’.”