In Arnhem Land Aboriginal artists have been painting in bark for nearly one hundred years, beginning with the laying down of ceremonial and body paint designs for interested anthropological expeditions.

Maningrida, in central Arhem Land is home to over 100 different clans and language groups. The Kuninjku is only one of these groups, however they stand out as individuals with their own forms of expression as well as being a particularly exceptional collective. John Mawurndjul, who in many ways is the artistic trendsetter of the Kuninjku, most innovatively made the transition from the x-ray style of rock art to a fine crosshatching or rarrking. This style of work, while retaining the drawing necessary for the ˜bones’ or outlines, is fleshed out via the ˜body’ of the rarrk and allows these talented artists to bring the work alive by contrasting the speed and tone of the infill, creating fabulous abstract design while remaining firmly rooted in the stories of the country. Through this clarity of expression we are allowed to see the stories for which this art is a guardian, and are also projected a remarkable aesthetic beauty.

Following the recent international acclaim John Mawurndjul has received in Basel and Paris, and flowing on from the success of AGNSW’s ˜Crossing Country’ exhibition that showcased the collective talent and innovation of the Kuninjku, ANNANDALE GALLERIES is proud to present ˜Rarrk!’