The Business Spectator recommends the current Japingka Gallery exhibitions:

In WA, if you want to see, and possibly buy, quality, genuine Aboriginal art, Japingka Gallery is the next best thing to going out in person to the remote communities.

Japingka, in Fremantle, has represented a whole mob of artists over the decades, and remains just as committed to exhibiting new and emerging names as to established stars. There are rich stories in the artists’ journeys as well as in the works themselves ” all you need to is ask and the knowledgeable staff will fill in these extra layers of context and back-story.

There are two exhibitions on this weekend. Women’s Law features works from seven senior custodians of traditional culture, drawn from communities across a huge area of Central Australia, ranging from far north coastal Queensland to north-eastern W.A. The second is a show of current works by Anna Petyarre, who paints in a classic Anmatyerre style that chronicles her ancestral country.