ABC online reports:

The Northern Land Council (NLC) says it wants the permit system back, despite police figures showing that it’s mostly Indigenous people who get arrested for grog running offences in Northern Territory communities.

The Federal Labor Goverment has argued permits should be kept in communities to prevent grog running, sexual abuse and dodgy art dealing by outsiders, but figures over the last 15 months show alcohol smuggling is largely an Indigenous problem.

The Senate is this week expected to debate legislation to reintroduce the permit system.

NLC chairman Wali Wunungmurra says grog running is a policing issue, not a permit issue.

“I am not interested in grog running, all I’m interested in (is) getting this permit system reinstated.

“The permit system that we would like to be reinstated is for the cultural survival of the Aboriginal people in the long run.

“[All we want] is to be able to look after the livelihood of the Aboriginal people. We want to keep it as it is.

“It’s like keeping a private property, where nobody is allowed to come in and out.

“Everybody has that right, why shouldn’t Indigenous people have that right.”