Over the last two weeks Papunya Tula Artists Pty Ltd has been made aware of rumours circulating relating to an immediate change of current management. This is untrue.

There have been reports that the artists, shareholders and Board of Directors of the company are unhappy with the current management and that they wish for the manager, Paul Sweeney, to be stood down from his position and replaced. This is also untrue.

On Sunday 16th May the Papunya Tula Artists Board of Directors called a meeting in Kiwirrkura. At this meeting the Board put forward and passed a resolution expressing its absolute confidence in the management of the company. Another resolution was passed noting the Board’s decision that there be no changes made to the current management of the company.

It is believed that a source outside Papunya Tula Artists is conducting an organised campaign attempting to destabilise the company by way of circulating false information.

For any enquiries relating to this release please contact the Manager, Paul Sweeney, Papunya Tula Artists 08 89524731