Despite the hundreds of assorted exhibitions that take place each year in scores of museums and galleries along the Front Range, certain types of art, for unexplained reasons, remain scarce.

Two of the most notable such examples are outsider and Australian aboriginal art. Though both are popular among devotees and the general public alike, they have received surprisingly scant attention here.

The appeal of these works combined with their relative rarity in this area should make “Seeing Stories,” an exhibition running through March 31 at Colorado College’s I.D.E.A. Space, a significant draw.

Nearly 60 selections are included in the international show, which focuses on five bodies of work. Besides the outsider and aboriginal art, these include 18 of Namibian artist John Muafangejo’s bold lino-cuts and reproductions of two partial sets of American Indian ledger drawings (the originals were too fragile to travel).

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