Outback journeys unearth the mystical stories of Dreamtime
Publication: South China Morning Post, 10 September 2006
Author: Jade Lee-Duffy

There’s more to Aboriginal art than a few dots and squiggly lines. That’s what the founder of Beijing Blue art gallery, Bridget Dewar Uebel, and co-curator Robert Turner of Warlimpirri Art aim to show in Journeys of the Dreamtime, a collection of artwork by 16 artists from the Australian bush on show at the Fringe Club.

In a city where Chinese and Asian art is the norm, Uebel made a bold move last June by quitting her job as a marketing and business development director to set up an art gallery focusing on Australian Aboriginal arts. However, she had done her homework, conducting market research and looking at global art trends.

Galleries in Hong Kong are saturated with Vietnamese, Asian and Chinese art, but not Aboriginal art, says the English-born Uebel, who has lived in Hong Kong for seven years. I wanted to test the market and concentrate on Aboriginal art from all over Australia.


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