In the ever-shifting cultural landscape of Indigenous Australia, One Sun One Moon
catalogues a key moment of transition over the decades at the turn of the century to reveal the view from within a kaleidoscopic contemporary art movement. To coincide with the launch of the Gallery’s publication of the same name, this exhibition celebrates a heritage that is complex, intriguing and continually responsive to historical change and social circumstance.


Artist: djambu barra barra, elaine kngwarria namatjira, freddie timms, ginger riley, gulumbu yunupingu, john mawurndjul, judy watson, mary macha, michael riley, nyirlpirr spider snell, paddy jaminji, pijaju peter skipper, rover thomas, wakartu cory surprise

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Tags: djambu barra barra , elaine kngwarria namatjira , freddie timms , ginger riley , gulumbu yunupingu , john mawurndjul , judy watson , mary macha , michael riley , nyirlpirr spider snell , paddy jaminji , pijaju peter skipper , rover thomas , wakartu cory surprise ,

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