Ngadirriwilke: to make a mark
recent prints by the artists of Injalak, western Arnhem Land

15th November 2007 – 8th December 2007

ARTIST PRINTMAKING DEMONSTRATION, Saturday 17th November 2 – 4 pm. RSVP T: 03 9416 3966

In 2006 artists from Injalak Arts and Crafts Association in western Arnhem Land including Graham Badari, Solomon Girrabul, Ezariah Kelly, Wilfred Nawirridj, Bruce Nabegeyo and Terrence Nabegeyo collaborated with Printmaker Andrew Sinclair in rendering their distinctive imagery within the medium of etching.

The fine rarrk line-work that forms a strong stylistic element of much of the art of the region resonates with spiritual and symbolic significance, and is contained within certain prints in this recent body of work. Ngadirriwilkne is the Kunwinjku word that refers to the act of creating marks onto a surface “ including rarrk, along with other forms of image making “ whether on bark, paper, rock, skin, or steel etching plate.

This area of western Arnhem Land is litered with rock art galleries containing ancient imagery that is intrinsic to the aural, visual, and spiritual life of the community, and which inform the prints that comprise this exhibition.

67 Cambridge St, Collingwood Vic 3066
T: 03 9416 3966