New mid range works by Papulankutja artists from the remote life blog:

I have decided to put works with Martin at Aboriginal Art online.

The Revealed Showcase in Perth together with the move to the new art centre at Blackstone seems to have invigorated quite a few of the artists from Papulankutja.

For the first time I can remember, I am getting some really good mid range works. The art market is a funny place, often this lovely level of work does not fit with the “up market gallery” situation, yet is not suitable for the variety of tourist shops and sites like the culture centre at Uluru. I have long intended to put works up with Aboriginal Art Online but have had such inconsistent supply of really good mid stream work that I have never moved forward with this idea. This week I have!

I am now getting ready the works for the market place in Perth. Three of our artists are heading down to attend the various activities that surround the “Revealed” Showcase being held at the Perth TAFE.