Four Aboriginal owned art centres in the Kimberley have today launched Kimberley Aboriginal Artists, a powerful alliance strengthening artists and art centres in the region.

Kimberley Aboriginal Artists is a new alliance that is committed to sharing the richness and diversity of Aboriginal art and culture as well as providing economic independence to art centres and their communities.

Kimberley Aboriginal Artists brings together four art centres in the Kimberley

The alliance keeps Aboriginal culture strong by supporting cultural practice, recording important stories and celebrating artists’ connection to their country. The new group will exhibit at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair from 14 to 16 August. The art fair is an opportunity for Kimberley Aboriginal Artists to present indigenous art that is produced through community based art centres, to art collectors and art lovers in a safe and honest environment.

Warmun Art Centre
Business Manager, Jackie Coyle-Taylor, said the Kimberley Aboriginal Artists alliance had been established to serve the specific needs and the unique style of artists in the Kimberley.

“The alliance aims to broaden public awareness of Kimberley art styles as well as the culture and history associated with this region,” she said. “By bringing economic independence back the art centres, artists and their communities, we can help develop a viable business and support cultural and financial aspirations of alliance members.

“Taking part in the art fair means we can successfully promote our alliance nationally and to an audience who have their eyes strongly cast on Aboriginal art.”

She said the Warmun Art Centre had joined Kimberley Aboriginal Artists to strengthen the art centres’ branding and broaden the centres’ visitor base and market.

Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre Exhibition and Studio Program Coordinator, Leah Umbagai, said her art centre had joined the alliance to help build the profile of Kimberley artists and culture.

“Here at Mowanjum, we dream about lots of exciting projects we would like to do however we do not have the time, staff and resources to do them alone” she said. “Sharing the work with other art centres is a really good way to realise those dreams and work together to achieve them.

“We hope to get better known by being part of this alliance so we can share our strongly and deeply felt culture which is reflected through our artworks.”

The Kimberley Aboriginal Artists fair exhibition will highlight the unique style of artwork from each art centre. Various artworks as well as carved boab nuts, gallery cards, books and DVDs will be on display. Four artists from the Kimberley Aboriginal Artists alliance will also be in the running for the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award. The award of $40,000 is given to the work considered by judges to be the most outstanding work in the exhibition.

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