Local Aboriginal artist, Nyree Reynolds, has won the prestigious Mil-Pra AECG Aboriginal Art Award for the second time.

Ms Reynolds received the award for her painting, ˜Elders Knowing-Elders Showing, Children Watching-Children Learning’.

The award was presented at Casula Powerhouse as part of the 17th Annual Mil-Pra AECG Aboriginal Art Exhibition which promotes contemporary Aboriginal art and culture.

Ms Reynolds believes exhibitions such as the Mil-Pra award are important because they expose contemporary Aboriginal art to a wider audience.

A lot of people associate Aboriginal Art with traditional art and I’m part of a movement trying to get urban art out there, Ms Reynolds said.

Besides painting professionally for 11 years, Ms Reynolds has also worked extensively as a community artist on projects such as the mural behind the council chambers created with students from St Joseph’s Central School.

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