Lauraine Diggins Fine Art will be at the 5th edition of the Moscow World Fine Art Fair 2008 (Московский Международный Салон Изящных Искусств 2008), held from 27 May to 2 June 2008 in the famous Manège, next to the Kremlin and the Red Square.

It may be the most exclusive fair in Eastern Europe, and features annually about eighty of the finest international dealers from around the world.

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Lauraine Diggins at the Moscow World Fine Art Fair 2008


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Tags: boxer milner , cowboy loy pwerl , elizabeth kunoth kngwarreye , genevieve kemarra loy , george ward tjungarrayi , gloria tamerre petyarr , judy napangardi watson , kathleen petyarr , lilly kelly napangardi , nancy kunoth petyarr , ngoia napaltjari pollard , ningura napurrula , poly and kathleen ngal , sisters angelina , turkey tolson tjupurrula , walangkura napanangka , willy tjungurrayi ,

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