Will Owen posts about visiting the Maningrida Arts and Culture.

Quoted from the blog entry:

Maningrida Arts and Culture is a powerhouse warehouse of Indigenous art. Of all the art centres we visited across the Territory and adjacent WA, Maningrida had the most impressive array of work on offer, certainly in terms of sheer quantity. The marketing genius that Apolline Kohen has exhibited in the last five years means that it may be hard to find the work of the community’s international superstars – John Mawurndjul, Samuel Namunjdja Ivan Namirrkki, or Timothy Wulanjbirr – amidst the ranks of bark paintings, sculptures and fiber work on offer: the demand for these works is so great that they are almost out the door before they arrive. But there is an enormous variety of other work to be had, which in part reflects the centre’s operations as outlined in their mission statement: