ANNANDALE GALLERIES first exhibited Lofty Bardayal Nadjamerrek in 2003. It was his first solo show after approximately 30 group exhibitions since 1975. Now, in 2006, we are pleased to announce another solo show of the great man’s work.

Lofty’s career began in the 1930’s, initially painting on cave walls. Now in his eighties and the twilight of his career, Lofty is entering a new realm of ambition. The fine ˜rarrk’, or crosshatching, of earlier years is now replaced by a spontaneous, fluid style. As Lofty mastered detail and formal structural problems long ago his work now reflects what is clear and true in his heart.

Although his art is evolving, the presence of tradition and ancestry still bind Lofty’s work both practically and spiritually: he continues to rely on natural pigments used for rock art even though now he works primarily on paper and bark, and his subject matter recalls the images found in rock shelters near his homeland. For Lofty there is no escaping this reverence – there is probably no person alive today with more knowledge of the secrets of rock art in the Arnhem Land plateau. At his camp, anthropologists have even set up their own quarters nearby in order to learn from him.

Lofty is an artist of great humility. He considers it a privilege to share the vision of his work and the evocations of his country with us. Through him and this exhibition of new work we too have the opportunity to learn, and the privilege is all ours.