Linda Syddick, a member of the Pintupi people from Lake Mackay, W.A. and Evelyn Pultara from the Utopia Community north of Alice Springs are around the same age as both were born around 1940 and both experienced a very traditional upbringing in their respective Communities. However, they were subject to very different traditions, initiations and customs that are peculiar to their own Communities. Both artists paint the spiritual aspects of their country, but the treatment reflects their respective birthplaces.

Evelyn hails from Central Desert region of Utopia, some 270 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs. The highly collectable, Evelyn Pultara is the late, great Emily Kngwarreye’s niece and Evelyn carries on her Aunt’s legacy by painting large vibrant canvasses that depict the spirits associated with the now famous Yam Dreaming Series.