Like his famous older sister, the late great Emily Kngwarreye, Kudditji Kngwarreye has a deserved reputation as an innovator and as a consummate artist. As an Ammatyerre Elder and custodian of many important Dreamings, Kudditji Kngwarreye has been actively painting since 1986. This was several years before his older sister took up the brush and transformed the Indigenous Fine Art Movement.

Around eighteen years ago, Kudditji became aware of the emerging Desert Art Movement which had been initiated and encouraged by teacher, Geoffrey Bardon in the nearby Papunya Community and was inspired to record his unique Dreamings and Stories of his country on the more permanent medium of acrylic on canvas. Kudditji’s first paintings reflected his traditional upbringing and utilised the very fine dots and symbols indicative of the Men’s ceremonies and Emu Dreamings from the Utopia region. His strong, traditional early work and distinctive style found immediate acceptance and recognition and was highly sought after.