Seed to Seed is an exhibition of new paintings by the 2012 Redlands Art Prize winner, Claudine Marzik, and ephemeral sculpture by renowned Cairns florist, Tijn Meulendijks. The exhibition has been developed over the last eight weeks in the KickArts Studio, as part of the KickArts Artist in Residence Program. The artists agree that the experience of working together in the studio has been extremely productive and has provided a neutral space to create their latest works.

Marzik and Meulendijk’s long-term artistic partnership encapsulates a genuine and mutual respect, allowing them to instinctively respond to each other’s work with ease.

Seed to Seed is their third joint exhibition in four years. The collaborative duo have produced evocative two and three-dimensional artworks through a variety of media, which capture the poignant North Queensland landscape and raise environmental awareness through their creative synergy.

“In Seed to Seed we both engage with the cycle of vegetation: observing the rules, capturing movement and rhythm, giving form and shape using a similar perception, Marzik explains. “Although we’re using different mediums, our views have similar aesthetic values. We try not to manipulate our material too much, but let the matter, the physical substance, give the depth and strength to our artwork.”

Seed to Seed will be opened by Maurice O’Riordan, Editor of Art Monthly Australia, at KickArts on Friday 7 December at 6:30pm.

Be sure to arrive at 5:30pm and take advantage of the opportunity to hear both artists speak about the creative process their exhibition.

Entry is free and everybody is welcome.