The tiny desert community of Patjarr is home to Kayili Artists, an Aboriginal owned Arts Centre, representing some of the Gibson Desert’s most inspiring artists.

Much of the stunning vast landscape, virtually untouched by European activities, is home to the living culture of the desert people who have lived within its extremities for countless thousands of generations. This amazing landscape and specific sites within it are brought to life with vibrant stories in colour. The complexities of the stories covering huge areas of nomadic family sites are intersected by the journeys of many ancestral beings. Spiritual life is complex, whereas daily life is more immediate; to secure food and to be near water.

Kayili Artists opened its doors in 2004 for the artists living in Patjarr who form the basis of the rich and significant Warburton arts collection, which began in the early 1990s.


Artist: coiley campbell, esther giles, fred ward, jackie kurltjunyintja giles, janie ward, manupa butler, mary gibson, nancy carnegie, ngipi ward, nola campbell, norma giles, pulpurru davies

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Tags: coiley campbell , esther giles , fred ward , jackie kurltjunyintja giles , janie ward , manupa butler , mary gibson , nancy carnegie , ngipi ward , nola campbell , norma giles , pulpurru davies ,

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