A major and rare exhibition of the very important artist and senior lawman, Jack Dale from the East Kimberley region of W.A. The exhibition was officially opened Mr. Alan Dodge, Director of the State Art Gallery of W.A. (A.G.W.A.). and attended by the artist Jack Dale and his wife, Biddy.

Sometimes referred to reverentially as the Grand Old Man of the Kimberley , Senior Lawman, Jack Dale is one of the only surviving custodians of the great art sites of the mystical Wandjina spirits in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Jack has sought to rediscover and relive his experience of bush life through his art. His artwork is a unique experience revealing a quick witted and honest man, often mischievous through subtly crafted humour reflecting his mastery of Ngarinyin – the language of his mother – as well as several other Kimberley languages and of course, his peerless knowledge of the majestic Wandjina.

Jack Dale s paintings are a revelation. They not only record his vast knowledge of Spiritual beings that are virtually unknown bar to a few Elders and anthropologists, but also the early contacts and often fraught interactions with western culture. This is was truly remarkable exhibition that documents the sad passing of ancient knowledge and a whole traditional way of life.



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