Amoonguna Glass recycling/ blowing studio is now operational! The first indigenous central Australian hot glass artists are being trained in Venetian glass techniques, working exclusively with recycled glass. Already the first finished etched and painted glass sculpture is in production, after a six month process to set up the studio.

A festival is to be held at Amoonguna on the 14th & 15th of June 2008, ˜Mwerre Alpeme’ Arrente for good return, will celebrate the new art form. On the Saturday evening films will be shown from the local area. Artwork in the new media as well as established arts/ crafts will be available for purchase on the weekend.

Amoonguna will be open for the weekend so permits will not be required. Visitors are requested to respect the privacy of residents and keep to the area of the festival.

Download the flyer.

For more information:
Contact the coordinator; Chris Simpson
Phone: 08 8952 0822
Mobile: 0432 952 302
Fax: 08 8952 9044