Half Light is the first major survey of the work of Indigenous artists engaging with the photographic medium and the portrait. The exhibition brings together over 140 works by 15 of Australia’s most renowned Indigenous artists. With a critical eye on the history of photographic representations of Indigenous people, these artists take charge of the lens. In the exhibition we see the ˜face’ of Indigenous Australia, at home on the mission pouring tea, dancing up in country or re-enacting and reclaiming the past.

The exhibition features:

  • Vernon Ah Kee
  • Tony Albert
  • Brook Andrew
  • Richard Bell
  • Mervyn Bishop
  • Brenda L Croft
  • Destiny Deacon
  • Genevieve Grieves
  • Dianne Jones
  • Peter Yanada Mckenzie
  • Ricky Maynard
  • R E A
  • Michael Riley
  • Darren Siwes
  • Christian Thompson