7 February 2008

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and the Australian
Commercial Galleries Association (ACGA) will launch the ˜GreenGallery
Guide’ on 7 February 2008 to assist gallery owners and managers to
implement changes to make their work places more sustainable and
environmentally friendly.

Designed to be simple and easy to use, the GreenGallery Guide assists
gallery owners and managers to identify simple changes to make in galleries
that will save energy and water, reduce waste, and help artists and clients to
live more sustainable and healthy lives. The Guide contains ten top tips for
greening a gallery, including such simple measures as remembering to turn
off computers and appliances and installing low-energy lighting.

Inspired by the ˜GreenClinic Guide’, developed by the ACF and Doctors for
the Environment, Mr Guy Abrahams, National President of the ACGA and a
long time supporter of the ACF, was keen to encourage members of the
ACGA to do their bit for the environment. Mr Abrahams said today: ˜I am
delighted that this important collaborative project has come to fruition, and
that the ACF and the ACGA have both embraced and driven this initiative.
It is important to take act by example, and it is amazing the difference
simple measures in one gallery can make. The ACGA has taken the lead in
environmental practices to provide a starting point for others in the arts
industry to follow. We are hoping that this will be taken up by the
commercial and public gallery sphere across Australia.’

Phoebe Dunn, Chief Executive Officer of the ACGA said: ˜With worrying
environmental news in the headlines everyday it is wonderful to be able to
assist ACGA members to contribute to efforts to reduce their environmental
impact. We hope that this is the start of things to come and that we can
work with the broader arts community on future initiatives.’

The GreenGallery Guide is being launched in conjunction with a fundraising
auction and sale of the ACF’s collection: ˜Art & Artefacts’. The auction will
be held on 7 February 2008 at Christine Abrahams Gallery, 27 Gipps Street
Richmond Victoria, 3121 from 6.30pm, and all proceeds will go to the
ACF’s Climate Change Campaign. The Executive Director of the ACF, Mr
Don Henry, will be speaking at the auction.

Copies of the GreenGallery Guide can be found downloaded from the ACF
(www.acfonline.org.au) and ACGA websites (www.acga.com.au) from early
next week. For further information on the Guide or for any queries, please
contact info@acga.com.au.

The ACGA would like to thank the ACF for its considerable contribution to
and support for the GreenGallery Guide.

The ACGA is committed to the ethical representation of living Australian
artists and promoting the importance of the primary art market in Australia.

Contact: Guy Abrahams, National President, ACGA: (03) 9428 6099
Phoebe Dunn, Chief Executive Officer, ACGA: 0407 488 632

Url: http://www.acga.com.au/#media