Get your skates on – here’s some ripper grants being offered to individuals and small businesses by fantastic companies and organisations, all with fast-approaching deadlines.

Indigenous Languages & Arts Grants
Close: 14 May 2018

The Department of Communications and the Arts is looking to fund a diverse range of Indigenous language and arts projects that contribute towards at least one of the following program objectives:

1. Preserve, revive and maintain Indigenous languages by:
Facilitating activities that capture and preserve Indigenous language.
Promoting participation in Indigenous language teaching and learning.
Developing Indigenous language resources, including utilising digital technology in an innovative and culturally sensitive manner.
2. Develop, produce, present, exhibit or perform a diverse range of traditional and contemporary Indigenous arts
3. Support new and innovative forms of Indigenous expression through art
4. Support the transmission and development of Indigenous cultural heritage and knowledge through languages and arts projects.

Optus Future Makers Capacity Building & Accelerator Program
Close: 18 May 2018

Optus Future Makers is a capacity building and accelerator program that empowers innovators to use technology to address social issues for vulnerable people. The program is looking for start-ups, social entrepreneurs and not-for-profits with more than just ideas, but with a working prototype solution.

Join other energetic innovators to enhance your business, social impact and tech expertise, network and pitch for funding to help see your solution become a reality.

Shortlisted applicants will take part in a four-month Future Makers Accelerator program that aims to advance their technology solution and build their business, social impact and tech expertise.

Future Makers includes eight days of workshops and a short series of webinars on topics such as Your Vision, technology, knowing your customer, the art of storytelling, marketing strategies, how to secure corporate and investor funding, managing stakeholders, project planning, financial modelling and measuring your impact.

Participants will be coached by top talent at Optus and receive technical guidance and insights from industry experts. There will be an opportunity for participants to polish their business case and perfect their pitch before presenting to a panel of judges representing different sectors.

Optus is offering up to $300,000 in funding over two stages: technology grants and pitch grants. As part of the Singtel Group, there is an opportunity to progress to stage 3 of the program.

nib foundation Community Grants [DGR status required]
Close: 30 April 2018

nib foundation’s Community Grant program supports practical, community-based initiatives that focus on improving the health and well-being of vulnerable and disadvantaged Australians, with a focus on youth and carers. One-off funding of $5,000 to $50,000 will be provided to 10-15 organisations each year to undertake new or existing projects that run for approximately 12 months.

Applications are encouraged from both local and national charities, working to improve health outcomes in the Hunter region of NSW as well as other metropolitan, regional and rural communities across Australia.

Preference is given to discrete projects that can be delivered in a community setting within the 12-month funding period and can demonstrate sustained benefits beyond the funding period.

AMP’s Tomorrow Fund
Close: 17 May 2018

AMP’s Tomorrow Fund is offering amazing Australians doing great things the chance to share in $1million in grants. Individuals of all ages, abilities and interests who need help to reach a goal with community impact are invited to apply. AMP Tomorrow Makers come from all walks of life and work in a range of fields.

They have a definite plan and a desire to make a difference “ either by creating something special or inspiring others. Importantly, they’re already working towards their goal.

Any Australian citizen or permanent resident who needs help to make their mark on the community can apply for a grant.

WestConnex Community Grant Scheme
Close: 13 April 2018, 3.00pm

The WestConnex Community Grant Scheme aims to support and deliver positive and lasting outcomes for communities located within close proximity to WestConnex. The grants provide up to $10,000 to eligible community organisations to deliver initiatives providing a sustainable legacy with lasting benefits to the local economy, community or natural environment.

The program supports initiatives directly benefiting communities within close proximity to WestConnex and delivering outcomes in:

Health and safety.
Environment, sustainability and cultural heritage.
Education and economic development.

Create NSW Western Sydney Funding

Create NSW is offering three funding programs that aim to build capacity for emerging artists and organisations across Western Sydney. Each program offers up to $50,000 per application. These funds have been allocated as a direct response to ongoing consultation with the sector.

Funding categories:

Making Spaces Initiative
The Western Sydney Making Spaces Initiative will provide funding to support professional artists and arts organisations to create their work in new studios, artists’ residencies and rehearsal spaces in Western Sydney.

Who can apply?
Professional artists, creative partnerships, cultural groups and arts organisations based in NSW.
Community groups, unincorporated entities and non-government organisations based in NSW.

Emerging Organisations Program
The Western Sydney Emerging Organisations Program provides funding to emerging arts, screen and/or cultural organisations, groups, collectives or partnerships to build their capacity and develop sustainable business, practice and employment models through a tailored program of support.

Who can apply?
Arts, screen and/or cultural organisations, groups, collectives and partnerships, based in Western Sydney.
Community groups, unincorporated entities and non-government organisations based in Western Sydney.

Grants are open to organisations from all art forms, including dance, design, digital arts, history, Aboriginal arts, literature, music, theatre, screen, curatorial and the visual arts.

Applicants must meet the general eligibility requirements detailed in the ACDP guidelines.

Aboriginal arts, screen and/or cultural organisations are encouraged to apply.

Strategic Funding Opportunities
Close: 23 April 2018, midnight

The Western Sydney Strategic Opportunities Fund supports new projects and programs for professional artists and arts, screen and/or cultural organisations that fall outside existing Arts and Screen investment programs.

Who can apply?

Professional artists, creative partnerships, cultural groups and arts organisations based in NSW.
Community groups, unincorporated entities and non-government organisations based in NSW.

Ian Potter Foundation Early Childhood Education Grants [DGR Status Required]
Close: 20 April 2018

The Ian Potter Foundation Education grants program focuses on improving educational outcomes for children (0“8 years) through initiatives in early childhood and the early years of primary school. Applications are open now and close on 20 April.

The grants aim:

To support innovative programs delivered to young children (ages 0“8) that aim to improve school readiness (as measured by the AECD) and/or foster parental engagement in their children’s learning.
To support the development of evidence and shared measurement tools for the early childhood sector.

The Foundation only considers grant applications in excess of $100,000 in this program area.

Applications targeting children with high levels of developmental vulnerability will be prioritised. Collaborative, multi-year initiatives are encouraged.

The Ian Potter Foundation can only make grants to organisations with BOTH Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 and Tax Concession Charity (TCC) status.

Endeavour Foundation Endowment Challenge Fund
Close: 20 April 2018, 5.00pm (AEST)

The Endeavour Foundation Endowment Challenge Fund aims to benefit Australians with a disability, especially people with an intellectual or developmental disability. The Fund seeks to encourage quality and innovation in the disability services sector by: funding quality and inclusive research invested in advancing the health, wellbeing and life experiences of people with a disability, or funding special projects within non-profit organisations that aim to include people with a disability within their current work and practice, for example, funding to purchase specialist equipment to enhance the inclusion for people with a disability in current activities.

Applications across three award categories are invited:
1. Research Award: One award of up to $55,000 (for research conducted by appropriately qualified researchers)
2. Inclusive Research Award: One award of up to $15,000 (for researchers to undertake a research project that includes people with a disability as co-researchers)
3. Non-Profit Organisation Award: Total grant pool of $25,000 (for projects developed and delivered by non-profit organisations located in Queensland, Victoria or New South Wales only)

Northcott Innovation FundAbility
Close: 24 April 2018, 5.00pm

FundAbility is a small grants program that is funded by FACs and administered by Northcott Innovation. The program offers grants of up to $37,500 for projects that have an impact on people with disability aged between 18 and 64 years.

What type of projects will be funded?

The idea must impact a person/persons with disability aged 18 – 64 years old.

Please note: In the past, the grants have focussed on programs aimed to help those under the age of 18, such as playground equipment. This year, such applications will not be awarded grants.

Who can apply?

Everyone and anyone with an idea to make a more inclusive society!
Groups and individuals can apply, from mums and dads to business owners and local sporting groups.

How much are the grants?
FundAbility grants are needs based and can range from a few hundred dollars all the way up to $37,500 for larger projects.

NSW Creative Koori Aboriginal Strategic Program Funding
Close: 16 April 2018, midnight

Creative Koori Aboriginal Strategic Program funding is available for projects and employment that support a vibrant Aboriginal arts and cultural sector in NSW. Individuals and organisations are invited to apply to deliver projects and employment that afford Aboriginal people greater opportunities to participate in, share and strengthen their culture through arts practice and develop careers and businesses in the arts and cultural sectors.

Who can apply?
Individual artists and arts/cultural workers.
Organisations, partnerships and groups.
Priority will be given to Aboriginal people and Aboriginal-led organisations.

Funding range: up to $75,000.

Sunsuper’s Dreams for a Better World Community Grants
Close: See Round details, below.

Sunsuper’s Dreams for a Better World partners with the visions of Australians and local initiatives to dream big and do good. Grassroots community groups and not-for-profit organisations can apply to win a share of $150,000 in grants to help make the world a better place. To qualify, your dream must aim to make a positive difference in the community.

It must also:
Benefit a registered community cause, charity group or not-for-profit organisation (and not an individual).
Be based in Australia with funds being spent in Australia.
Be able to be undertaken in the next 12 months.
Fit with the round theme.

There are three rounds for community grants and each round has a different theme. If your dream fits the criteria and is eligible apply for your chance to receive up to $50,000 in grants to help a cause close to your heart:

Round 1: Better Living – Applications close 16 April 2018
Looking for dreams that improve the lives or living standards of other Australians. It may be a community development program to create more affordable housing or help our ageing population or newcomers to Australia. Or your dream may help kids and families in need or simply create a better environment for a more sustainable world.

Round 2: Brighter Futures – Applications close 29 June 2018
Does your dream empower others to learn and earn to have a brighter future? Apply if you need funding for education initiatives or to create jobs for those in need, or improve financial wellbeing and affordability for Australians. This round is also looking for dreams that enhance employment opportunities, or offer training and support to those who need a helping hand to get into or back to work.

Round 3: Active Community – Applications close 14 September 2018
Create active and healthy communities across Australia. If you’re looking for sports grants to help people of all ages and abilities be more active, or to improve the health and fitness of those in your community, apply for the Active Community grant. Or if you have a dream to create more active communities through health initiatives, wellbeing programs or by tackling medical issues faced by the wider community this round also wants to hear from you.

How does it work?
1. Submit your dream.
2. Six shortlisted dreams in each round are selected to be voted on by the public.
3. Each round, the public vote to decide which dreams they think will truly make the world a better place.
4. The top three dreams with the most valid votes will receive a $5,000 grant and progress to the round final.
5. In the round final a panel of judges will review the Top 3 dreams and decide who should be the round winner. The winner will receive an additional $5,000 grant and progress to the grand final.
6. The four Round Winners pitch their dream to the judges to decide the Grand Final Winner and the public vote again for their favourite dream to win People’s Choice.

NSW Investing in Women Funding Program
Close: 22 April 2018

The NSW Government’s Investing in Women funding program funds NSW organisations to develop and implement projects that support the economic opportunity and advancement, participation and empowerment, and leadership of women in NSW. The 2018 program funds projects that address one or more of the seven program focus areas:

Women’s economic opportunity and advancement.
Equitable workplaces for women and men.
Women in small business.
Women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.
Women in male-dominated trades.
Women in leadership roles.
Leadership pathways for young women.

The 2018 Investing in Women funding program will fund projects according to stages of development. There are three categories of grant funding available for this grant round. A total of $400,000 is available in this round.

Explore and scope: Up to $25,000 Projects that are at an early stage and organisations are looking to explore and develop a project.

Test and grow: Up to $50,000 Projects that have been scoped and investigated and are ready to be tested or projects that have been tested and are showing positive outcomes and seek testing/piloting on a larger scale.

Replication and sustainability: Up to $100,000 Projects that have been tested and show strong outcomes, have demonstrated ongoing viability and are looking to be taken to the next level of impact and self-sustainability.

Projects that support high-quality activity, engagement and participation with the following priority groups will be prioritised for funding:

Women living and/or working in regional NSW.
Aboriginal women.
Women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds young women.
Women with disabilities.
Older women/or
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) women.

Applicants must be a legally constituted Australian based entity. This includes:
Not-for-profit organisations, including community organisations
Sole traders/entrepreneurs
Local councils and shires, including regional organisations of councils and consortia of councils
Industry bodies and the private sector working in partnership with the community or government on initiatives directly supporting women and girls

For-profit organisations must demonstrate that the activities being applied for are being delivered on a not-for-profit basis.

Community Heritage Grants (CHG)
Close: 7 May 2018, 5.00pm

The Community Heritage Grants (CHG) program from the National Library of Australia provides grants of up to $15,000 to community organisations such as libraries, archives, museums, genealogical and historical societies, multicultural and Indigenous groups. The grants are provided to assist with the preservation of locally owned, but nationally significant, collections of materials that are publicly accessible including artefacts, letters, diaries, maps, photographs and audio-visual material.

The types of projects supported include:
Significance assessments of collections.
Preservation needs assessments of collections.
Conservation activities and collection management, and Training workshops.

Australian Sports Foundation Giving for Grassroots (G4GTM) Small Grants Program
Close: 26 April 2018

Australian Sports Foundation Giving for Grassroots Small Grants Program is dedicated to initiatives that help increase participation in grassroots and community sport across Australia. The program grants up to $10,000 to community-based organisations, schools and clubs to support grassroots sport.

The funds for the program come from the donations of passionate sports fans in Australia.

Try, Test & Learn Fund: Tranche 2
Close: 28 September 2018, 2.00pm

The Try, Test and Learn Fund was announced in the 2016-17 Federal Budget as an initial response to the Australian Priority Investment Approach to Welfare. Tranche 2 of the Fund will finance small-scale trials of new or innovative approaches to support people at risk of long-term welfare dependence.

Tranche 2 has four priority groups but also welcomes ideas to support other groups proposed (and appropriately justified) by applicants.

The priority groups comprise Newstart Allowance recipients aged 50 and over (with a focus on those who have been out of the workforce for longer than 12 months); migrants and refugees aged 16-64 and receiving income support; carers aged 16-64 and receiving Carer Payment; at-risk young people aged 16-21 and receiving income support.

This grant opportunity invites applications for small-scale trials to provide services or supports to improve workforce participation or capacity to work for people at risk of long-term welfare dependency. These services can be delivered anywhere across Australia. Tranche 2 grants will provide funding for both the co-development and delivery of projects. Co-development refers to collaborative activities to refine project design, for example through workshops with end users.

Trials supported by the Fund must generate useful evidence to inform future Government policy, including by producing measurable outcomes within a two-year timeframe. Projects will be robustly evaluated to produce high-quality policy evidence about what works, for whom, and under what circumstances. The evidence gathered will allow the Government to transform the investment in existing programs or make the case for new investments.

To be eligible to apply your application must satisfy all of the eligibility criteria detailed in the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

Australian Sports Foundation Giving for Grassroots (G4GTM) Small Grants Program
Close: 26 April 2018

Australian Sports Foundation Giving for Grassroots Small Grants Program is dedicated to initiatives that help increase participation in grassroots and community sport across Australia. The program grants up to $10,000 to community-based organisations, schools and clubs to support grassroots sport.

The funds for the program come from the donations of passionate sports fans in Australia.