Emerging from the rainforest canopy and a culture spanning countless generations, the work of Girringun artists is attracting a lot of attention. The stories and environments of this ancient culture are being transformed

into visual images and designs by weavers, painters, potters, textile artists and makers of traditional objects. A continuing close connection to place and honouring of
Indigenous lore and culture provides inspiration for art work which embraces traditional and contemporary concepts.

Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre represents artists from nine Traditional Owner Groups: the Nywaigi; Gugu Badhun; Warrgamay; Warungnu; Bandjin; Girramay; Gulgnay; Jirrbal; and Djiru people.

Artists exhibiting

  • Betty Andy
  • Leonard Andy
  • Daniel Beeron
  • Nancy Beeron
  • Theresa Beeron
  • Jane Day
  • Deborah Grant
  • Tonya Grant
  • Kayla Henry
  • Mark Hollingsworth
  • Chris Kennedy
  • Clarence Kinjun
  • Doris Kinjun
  • Marjorie Kinjun
  • Sean Leathers
  • Dena Leo
  • Sandra Leo
  • Abe Muriata
  • Allison Murray
  • Debra Murray
  • Emily Murray
  • John Murray
  • Ninney Murray
  • Sally Murray