A remarkable collaboration of forces from all over the country has resulted in an exhibition of cast metal sculpture by indigenous artists at Danks Street in Sydney.

The artists include Tjampawa Kawiny from the Tjampi Weavers in the Western Desert, Jubilee Wamby from Cape York, Owen Yalanda from Maningrida and Richard Koolpinyah Barnes from the Larrakia Nation. At various times, they’ve attended workshops in creating 3D objects, gone to Brisbane to work with Urban Art Projects on the casting of their art in bronze and aluminium, which has been brought to Sydney by Waterhole Art and Christie & Dennison.

Behind the project is the Toga Development Group which is commissioning a heap of public art for its Waterfront Project in Darwin and sees this as a spin-off. Some of the artists, such as Barnes, will progress to the public sphere from the domestic “ which is what is on sale in Sydney. Prices range up to $23,000

Notable amongst the works showing at the Depot II Gallery are Jack Bell’s Dugong, Graham Badari’s hanging Bats, Margaret Gamuti’s Small Basket, Janice Murray’s Whistling Ducks and Richard Barnes’s Owls.

It’s hoped that unsold artworks and some new ones in train will be exhibited in Melbourne next year at the Gabrielle Pizzi Gallery.