This exhibition will feature a collection of small artworks created by Cyclone Yasi workers, volunteers and artists in the wake of the cyclone in 2011.

The art centre doesn’t know who all the Yasi works were created by, as the point of the exercise was to give people a small place in which to record their experience in the midst of chaos.

And there was so much activity happening around the place that being able to create a small artwork allowed some time for quiet reflection. Small canvasses, paint and brushes were left on a table in the back workshop for anyone and everyone who wanted to do something.

We had people from everywhere come through Girringun. There were Rangers from across the Cape, Girringun workers and artists, government and charity relief workers, health workers, volunteers and people affected by the cyclone “ all people who had a role in the cleanup.
It is a privilege for us to be able to exhibit these small canvasses as they represent so much that can’t always be said in words.

They are a tribute to everyone who helped and a thank you to the many people who gave their time and energy in the clean-up period. We don’t know the names of a lot of these people but we do remember their kindnesses.

“This allowed them to leave a bit of their self here after they are gone,” Girringun EO Phil Rist said. “It gave some people an opportunity to express what they weren’t able to talk about it. They were able to put something down from their heart. It was a really important part of the healing process to be able to do that. It was a chance to off load. For me it has an opportunity to offload some of the rubbish. Other people were able to offload different things – for others it may have been an experience that they could laugh about. There were all kinds of reactions.”

Along with the exhibition of Cyclone Yasi artworks, ceramic pots are being offered for sale, along with native plants and Nina Dawson to talk about a biodiversity program.

Screenings of Buni (Fire) “ an animation – and Girringun Resilience” will also take place, along with a welcome by Claude Beeron.