From The Heart – The Weaving Of The National Apology Press Release

Dominique Plumanns says The National Apology Coolamon/basket is about the gestation of the words of healing as told by Kevin Rudd¦. It is the dreaming of integration and healing of broken hearts to a unification that allows us to be one and resist the destructive power of separatism and racism.

Dominique Plumanns is currently undertaking an art project as part of the RMIT University (Brunswick campus) August Annual exhibition. The project is to weave the sentiments of the National Apology into a basket, known as the Aboriginal Coolamon. Touched by the national Apology and what it represents, Plumanns is involving members of the community in the weaving of tapestry strips (beginners welcome) on the large tapestry loom that is set up until the end of this month in the Atrium. The strips will then be woven into a large Coolamon/basket The exhibition is open for public viewings and participation Monday-Thursday.

The idea came when thinking of the National Apology, the weaving of words, how to move on with its intent and how important Aboriginal culture is in Australian society. The Coolamon is an original way of artistically representing the compassion that most Australian feel about The Stolen Generation. Traditionally the Coolamon is a women’s vessel that is given to her when she reaches womanhood, as quoted by Plumanns: womanhood is about passion coming to union with reason. It signifies the time we take responsibility for all or our actions. The project is a way of communicating with the public about the importance of compassion, healing and integration. But what makes this project unique and purposeful is the involvement of the public by letting them be part of the National Apology. After the project finishes on 31st August, the Coolamon will be exhibited and hopefully displayed around Aboriginal communities around Australia as a powerful message of healing.

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