The beautiful and remote East Kimberley region of far North East Western Australia has produced some of Australia’s most renowned artists, including George Mung Mung, Paddy Jampinjii, Jack Britten, Rover Thomas, Hector Jandany, Queenie McKenzie. The legacy these now deceased Masters has left is immeasurable, the unique painting method and Ngarrangunny (Dreamtime) Stories have endured and are now successfully and proudly showcased by successive generations.

We have chosen a selection of small/medium works from four generations of artists who still use the grass roots medium of natural earth pigments (ochre) which are Traditional, investable and very beautiful.


Artist: charlene carrington, nancy nodea, gordon barney, jane yalunga, churchill cann, beerbee mungnari, lorraine daylight, mark nodea, april carrington-nulgit, deanne peters, marika mung, tommy carroll, jimbo johnson, katie cox, shirley purdie, marlene juli, madelene purdie, june peters, madigan thomas

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Tags: april carrington-nulgit , beerbee mungnari , charlene carrington , churchill cann , deanne peters , gordon barney , jane yalunga , jimbo johnson , june peters , katie cox , lorraine daylight , madelene purdie , madigan thomas , marika mung , mark nodea , marlene juli , nancy nodea , shirley purdie , tommy carroll ,

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